Marble Hornets

Joseph DeLage and Tim Sutton of Marble Hornets, a team of filmmakers that created the Youtube series featuring the urban myth Slenderman, have their knowledge of monsters tested in a game we call "Hit or Myth".

After the show, go watch this terrifying series that has grown to a 300,000 subscriber fan base with over 60 million views. You won't be sorry . . . or will you?

Druid City Comic


Greetings to those in Pursuit of the Trivial! We keep truckin' in this sun-drenched episode of Trivial Pursuits with Jeremy Satcher. Jeremy is the creator, writer, and artist of a graphic novel set in a fictionalized version of Tuscaloosa called Druid City Comic. We also had our Trivia Master Josh Thomas on to discuss comics and compete against Jeremy in "The Untitled Game" (thanks Steven) and "Sidekick my Dick . . . Grayson!" (thanks Tyler!)

In other news, we're currently looking for new content! Have an idea for a show? Just click the Contact button and let us know.

Ham Ham Jam Jam V


Ham Bagby makes his second appearance on the show to talk about Ham Ham Jam Jam V, a musical event in Tuscaloosa hosted by the demi-god guitarist himself. It'll be this Friday through Sunday, May 24 - 26, at Egan's Bar. The show kicks off at 10 pm.

Bob and Ham pair off in a series of trivia questions in a brand new haiku game and another one about famous guitarists and their respective guitars' names. It's a nail-biter to the very end!

Ham Ham Jam Jam V will be giving the weekend's earnings to TASC (Technology Assistance for Special Consumers).  Those interested in their cause should visit the TASC website. Their mission statement: 

"To provide individuals with disabilities, their families and/or advocates, and associated professionals access to assistive technology devices and services to increase independence at home, school, and work."

Here's the line-up for this weekend:

Friday - Electric Moon / Looksy
Saturday - Blackwater Thieves / Ham Bagby and the Siege
SundayNe'er-do-Wells / Golden Monica

It's going to pretty much be the best line-up we've had in town for a while. If you're a Tuscaloosan still in town enjoying these lazy summer afternoons, you won't want to miss this. See you there.

Soapy Jones

Image courtesy of DSmithImages

Image courtesy of DSmithImages

We're back! Sorry guys, we've been totally busy doing our own things and also working on a few others we think you'll enjoy. More about that when the time is right.

In this week's episode we interview Soapy Jones, owner of The Left Hand Soap Company. As you may have guessed, Soapy makes one-of-a-kind soap here in Tuscaloosa. She enjoys bringing non-traditional inspiration to her craft, with scents like "Zombie" and of course the soap she made specifically for local band Baak Gwai (which we've been told does NOT smell like body odor and cigarettes).

Our games this week include Just the Clip: Soap Opera Edition and This Day in History. 

Make sure to tune in next week when we have the creators of the brand new television show Tuscaloosa Monorail, a late night variety show that features local musicians mixed with some absurdist, "public access" humor. And we think that's pretty cool.